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Dali Skin

Dali Cleansing Gel

Dali Cleansing Gel

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Nt. Weight 250 ml
cleanses perfectly
removes make-up and excess oils
ph 5.5
normal to oily skin
Dali cleansing gel is ideal to eliminate effectively
excess oil, makeup, and dirt all over the face. A gentle
non-comedogenic face cleanser formulated with
antioxidants for a fresh-looking skin to prevent the
build-up in pores. Gentle and nourishing formula, does
not dehydrate your skin.
How to use
Massage onto your wet skin in gentle circular motions.
Rinse well and pat dry.
When to use
Use as a first step of your skincare routine.
Active Ingredients

Green tea, lime & licorice extracts acting as

Lactic acid to brighten the skin and remove dead
skin cells

Allantoin to soothe the skin.

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