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Dali Skin

Dali sunglow Sunscreen

Dali sunglow Sunscreen

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Nt. Weight 50 ml
hydrating sunscreen
broad spectrum
SPF 50
makeup primer
sun beam
Dali sunglow sunscreen protects the skin from harmful
UVA & UVB rays while hydrating and priming the skin
perfectly for a healthy glow finish. The lightweight
formula infused with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide
promotes hydration, reduces the appearance of pores
and evens out skin’s tone. For all skin types. Available
in two shades.
How to use
Apply generously before makeup as the last step of
your skincare routine. You can also wear it without
makeup for a healthy glow look.
When to use
Use after moisturizer as a last step of your skincare
Active Ingredients
• Hyaluronic acid helping lock-in skin’s hydration for a
smooth and healthy look
• Niacinamide to minimize visible pores’ size, improves
dull / uneven skin tone, and reduces wrinkle

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