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Face Facts

Face Facts Cleansing Facial Scrub

Face Facts Cleansing Facial Scrub

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  • Removes dead skin cells, restores skin glow.
  • Moisturizer and Vitamin-E with natural fiber complex, which quickly and gently soften the color.
  • Reduces sunburn and keeps skin hydrated.
  • Makes dry skin soft, fresh and soft. The role of scrub in resolving any skin problem is remarkable.
  • Solves skin problems and tightens and smoothes wrinkled skin.
  • Eliminates skin wrinkles.

Refresh your skin with Face Facts Cleansing Scrub. Added in Vitamin E, this scrub exfoliates the skin and removes dirt from the skin. Vitamin E on the other hand keeps the skin moisturized, does not dry out as a result of scrubbing, helps the skin to be repaired from the inside out

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